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    Video Game Analyst believes GT...

    6 February 2016 , by T.K. Cole

    Grand Theft Auto V is still so popular that publisher Rockstar will be making  $250 million a year until at least 2020. The developer is over joyed about amazing sales figures for the biggest console game ever released. And experts believe the guns and gangsters title will continue making a mint for years despite already being two-and-a-half years ...

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    Tom Clancy’s The Divisio...

    5 February 2016 , by T.K. Cole

    After playing The Division beta test, a widespread concern was that the playable area seemed small and the PvE content fairly scarce. Luckily, Ubisoft released an interactive map of the full game and two enterprising Reddit users took the opportunity to do some very interesting work. Specifically, user MickGasm managed to overlay the beta map (in p...

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    Check out the new Xbox One 4 T...

    4 February 2016 , by T.K. Cole

    Seagate has released a 4 TB version of the Xbox Game Drive. If you are interested, you can purchase the external hard disk drive for Microsoft’s current-gen console with this link from Amazon. Take a look at the bigger-sized HDD with our media gallery located below this paragraph. Last year, Seagate teamed up with Microsoft to release a 2 TB...

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